3 Proven Ways to Find a Dental Practice

When we want to buy a car, we go to a dealership or maybe a website like Carvana. If we need a home, we search to Zillow or we find a real estate agent. For almost any other item, we can usually find it on Amazon, and with Prime it will be there in 2 days.

But, where do we go to buy a dental practice?

1. Personal Network — Your Community

In my experience, when your community knows you are looking for a dental practice, the opportunity may come your way with little effort on your part.

Make sure that your friends know that you are actively seeking a dental practice. My personal network has been the source of several of my practice leads.

2. Trusted Advisors

If you have professional advisors in your life (accountant, lawyer, physician, financial advisor), utilize their networks.

Chances are they have other dentists as clients and may be aware of those desiring to retire. In 2014 the baby-boomer generation began to reach retirement age, so the number of retiring dentists is currently very high.

Advisors also have professional relationships that can assist you; my accountant connected me to a dentist that ended up selling me his practice.

3. Letter of Introduction

This idea may seem “old school” but can be very effective.

Acquire a list of current dentists from your state dental association and send out a letter introducing yourself. Explain that you are looking to purchase, and offer to connect by phone or in person.

Who knows, you may be precisely who a retiring dentist is looking for!



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